JenWren Fishing Reports

Owners Raul and Son Eric Hernandez have taken over the reigns from Mark Rayor who is spending  more time traveling in the summer, skippers Juan Diego Romero, Polo Martinez and Ernesto Verdugo are regarded among the best in the area. Between them, they have won many tournaments including the prestigious East Cape Bisbee. The entire Jen Wren crew has a passion to fish and are excellent at fishing light tackle in shore, big game off shore, enjoy and have had much success salt water fly fishing. 35 Cabo Yachts Reel Aquasition, Vaquera and Jen Wren III has become the flagships of the East Cape and offers the ultimate in sport fishing comfort. Equipped with twin turbo charged Cummins motors, a 13 foot beam, large salon with air conditioning, yacht furnishings, XM Radio & Satellite weather. Charter price $1,450 a day includes tax.